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Eco Solid MOSO Bamboo Flooring

Plantation Eco Solid MOSO is the most authentic bamboo floor imaginable and will add a unique style to your home, office or commercial space. The globally patented process used to manufacture this flooring is revolutionary. Unlike other bamboo floors, this method uses the entire piece of bamboo, including the skin - the hardest part of the bamboo stem.

During manufacture of this amazing product the bamboo stem is flattened to create the top layer of a three-layer solid bamboo floor board. A quality control check is performed after every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring a top performing product.

Completely sustainable, Eco Solid MOSO bamboo flooring meets E0 standards and contains no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds.

Eco Solid MOSO bamboo flooring (along with our Eco Solid Leather floor, which also uses the skin of the bamboo) is the most durable and robust of all bamboo flooring on the market.

The natural look of the bamboo is preserved, adding a very natural element to your living or work space.

As the surface is so hard and wear resistant, no oil or polyurethane finish is required. We do recommend finishing with a wax such as Sherwin Williams Wax.

The bamboo floor planks measure 2000mm long and are 18mm thick. The widths of the boards vary; in a pack you will have a mix of 58mm, 97mm and 125mm. When installed this gives depth and character to the environment.